About configuration

Prior to version 2, Savon featured a neat little method for configuring one-off options.

Savon.configure do |config|
  config.logger = Rails.logger
  config.raise_errors = false
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Cookie refactoring

I recently found pelusa and decided to give it a try. Pelusa is a static analysis tool that benefits from Rubinius’ advanced support for working with an abstract syntax tree. I ran pelusa against Savon and decided to look into one of the problems from the report:

Doesn’t use more than one indentation level inside methods
    There’s too much indentation in lines 111.

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The recent release of Savon version 1.0 was quite a big milestone for me. Savon was born 3 years ago on July 2, 2009 and I'm more than happy that people are actually using it. The library was born out of my need to talk to services in a service oriented architecture and it started with a very basic set of features.

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